Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Padre Melo -- Human Rights in Honduras

Monday, October 7
Science Lecture Hall -- Conant 120, 7:00 pm (Main appearance)
Library Lecture Hall, 12:20 pm (Bonus appearance)

Padre Melo, a Jesuit priest, is the director of Radio Progreso, a radio station that is a national leader in investigative reporting. Radio Progreso was shut down by the new government at the time of the coup in 2009, and has suffered military occupations since. He is also director of the Center for Reflection, Research, and Communication (ERIC-SJ), a think tank that conducts research and reports on societal trends and public opinion in Honduras.

Honduras has earned the title “Murder Capital of the World,” where according to the U.S. State Department, nine journalists have been killed and many more have been tortured or kidnapped, or have suffered death threats. As an outspoken critic of the 2009 coup d’├ętat and its aftermath, Padre Melo has been a target of death threats and has a bounty on his head. He is a strong and fearless speaker.

Padre Melo will speak of the human rights abuses occurring throughout Honduran society, and especially within his own journalistic world, and within campesino and indigenous communities. He will offer in-depth analysis into the systemic reasons for the continuing violence, impunity, and injustices, and illuminate the various impacts of The Drug War.

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