Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A President's Note on Social Justice

Hi world-changers! Tony here. From the moment Andrew, Melissa, Amanda, Liz and I were elected as the new officers of SJL, our gears have been turning to make this year more progressive, meaningful and thought-provoking than ever before. And who could leave out the wonderful support we have been given so far by our new advisor, Mr. James Hayes-Bohanan. But we are not the core, heart or soul of SJL. What I mean by that is that we do not own social justice on this campus - we do not have the final say in every movement of progress and purpose that this organization makes just because we are the officers. In fact, our purpose is to serve the higher cause of social change, and we will work to our greatest ability to be sure that every last one of you gets the chance to have your say as to what needs to be done on this campus, this community, this nation, and this world.

That being said, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being who you are. Every person who has supported us over the years deserves much more than recognition for the amount of work they put into making the world that much better, but because you are who you are, none of you ask for anything more than the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something for the good for the human race.

You see, social justice is not about being the best. It is not about being the savior of humanity. It is certainly not a call to arms or for violent protest. Though many people view it differently, there is one thing that it will always be: LOVE.

We strive for peace in this world, and it brings us together; to love. We strive for Equality. Purpose. Freedom. Whatever it is you equate justice with, it will always come down to that one word, and it could not be more simple. Our purpose is to be the essence of love for those who have none. I am not speaking of a religion, a flurry in the heart or a romantic interest, but rather of a greater truth that we cannot live without.

So if you're willing to join us in our quest to spread equality, justice, understanding, purpose, peace, and love, then I welcome you. It will never be an easy road, but we have made it this far, together.

Peace & Love,
Tony Winters

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