Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Blog, New Schedule & NEW SJL!

Hello friends, and welcome to the new blog! Last year, Social Justice League tried to start a newsletter which would inform our readers of social issues affecting the world. Unfortunately, this effort fell through after a few successful attempts, as we did not have enough contributors due to the college students' very busy schedule. Therefore, the 2013-2014 officers decided to make a frequently-updated blog instead! So here it is.

This year, Social Justice League's schedule is going to revolve around monthly themes, as follows:

September - Global Education
October - Slavery & Human Trafficking
November - Hunger & Homelessness
December/January - Self Expression
February - Fair Trade
March - Gender & Sexuality
April - Environment

So as you may have guessed, we will be hosting one major event per month which will focus directly on the issues that we will be blogging, campaigning and starting discussions about! More information on those events will come soon. Also, Stay tuned for a huge announcement about what we will be doing to wrap up the year!

So all in all, SJL is going to be bigger and better than ever. Let's make a difference, and remember who we're doing it for!

Tony Winters

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